Searching for Truth about God

Search for Truth Charitable Trust - through Search for Truth Enterprises Limited - has released a major series of programmes investigating The God Question:

Are we the result of cosmic good luck or the intention of a creator?

Where does the evidence lead?

Produced by award winning film and television company Kharis Productions, the programmes have been designed for international broadcast as well as worldwide distribution on DVD. 

This contemporarily styled series -

  1. asks the big science and God questions of our time 

  2. features world class contributors

  3. responds to the issues in an impartial way that respects the strengths of the arguments on both sides.


3 x 52 minute documentaries released worldwide through Mercury Media International.


6 x 30 minute documentaries with Study Guide and Leader’s Manual

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What’s in a name?

By its very name, Search for Truth Enterprises expresses a fascination with the subject of truth.

Searching for Truth? What Truth?

For vast numbers of people living in the 21st century, searching for truth is a waste of time.

Absolute truth, for them, does not exist; and even if it did, it is so elusive as to be out of reach. In popular culture, truth is relative anyway:  what is true for you is not necessarily true for me and vice versa. Perhaps this view is a consequence of the prominence given to tolerance in western society. While respecting the views of other people is self-evidently right, taken to extremes, it can blind us to the existence of objective truth altogether. Not so with the God question.
Clearly, God either exists or he does not. 

Speaking in the recently released television series “The God Question”, produced for Search for Truth Enterprises Ltd, the prominent American atheist, Sam Harris says “People want the truth and yet we have two different modes of talking about the truth and one is not true.” It appears that the God question is a matter of absolute truth. Atheists and Theists are at least agreed on that! 

But how  can anyone search for truth about God?

Where is the road map that can take us on a journey to an open, honest, Search for Truth. Without it it is easy to be confused or even perplexed.

Chairman of the Search for Truth Charitable Trust, Professor John Spence believes there are two basic problems. “The first is : the dangers of only presenting a one-sided argument. (Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” is a classic example, though theists easily fall into the same trap.)

The second is: people are unclear about how to think through the issues. As a result, they are blown about by the crosswinds of instinct, ignorance, culture and the opinions of others.”  The series, The God Question offers a much needed roadmap. The journey continues…

The Truth Will Out?

Any open investigation into evidence for the existence of God will quickly encounter contrasting interpretations. There is a tendency for each side to select the evidence that supports the view already held. The honest searcher will wish to take evidence from both sides. Editor of Skeptic magazine (and ‘God Question’ series contributor) Michael Shermer believes the time is right for battle. Writing in New Scientist magazine, Shermer says: “ Let them (all) be heard. Examine their evidence. Consider their interpretation. If they have anything of substance to say, then the truth will out.”  The approach in The God Question could scarcely be more accurately and succinctly stated. All significant points of view are respectfully presented. Truth is for viewers to identify for themselves.

Who believes these days...?

Around 84% of the world’s population claims to believe in a deity or intelligence of some sort that lies behind our existence. But for many, this is an intuitive or cultural response rather one based on knowledge and reason.

...and why?

Professor of Neuropsychology at University College London, Chris Frith, claims that it is  almost impossible to escape the imprisonment imposed on our belief system by our culture. Unless we are prepared to be human beings who believe only what we’re told by those around us, we should strenuously attempt to develop the skills of critical thinking. The Search for Truth project endorses critical thinking!

So are there good and solid reasons for believing in God? Are there equally good and solid reasons for atheism? Any serious attempt to find out should take you on an honest Search for Truth. We invite you to climb on board for our journey into The God Question.